Never Easy to Make that First Step

We are professional women who found ourselves in emotionally abusive relationship with little understanding of what was happening and now want to offer support to others in similar situations. Emotional abuse can happen to anyone; we want to reach out to woman and let them know that they are not alone.

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The Narcissist Withholds Attention

As A Control Tactic - 3 Ways To Reclaim Your Power
Many have been ensnared by the initial charms of a narcissist, yet few have benefited from a long-term relationship with one. The idealization phase with a narcissist includes love bombing, sweeping a victim off his or her feet, and empty, flowery promises which never come to fruition. Click for more online

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We are survivors not victims and regardless of all that we have been through once we break free, we have been through hell and back and need the support of other survivors that's why this group is so important. Read Full Testimonial

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