Solving Money Issues

If you are thinking about leaving your abusive partner, or have recently separated, you may be worried about how you can support yourself, and your children if you have any with you. Help & Advice is available.


You may find you have to rely on benefits for the first time in your life. To be sure that you are getting your full entitlements, you should go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau where Help & Advice is available.

Financial Support


Financial abuse is the hidden financial cousin of domestic abuse – it's all about dangerous, unfair control using finances. It can be subtle or brutal. So be aware of it both for your own relationship, and for others – but this blog's about more than that too...

Martin Lewis: Financial abuse, joint accounts and managing money within relationships


Economic abuse is when someone interferes (through control, exploitation or sabotage) with their partner’s ability to acquire, use and/or maintain economic resources. Economic resources include: money, housing, transportation, utilities such as heating or items such as food or clothing. It reinforces or creates economic instability. In this way it limits women’s choices and ability to access safety. Lack of access to economic resources can result in women staying with an abusive partner for longer than they would like and experiencing more harm as a result. Economic stability is therefore linked to physical safety.

Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) is the only UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of and transforming responses to economic abuse.

Benefits Check
It's a common misconception that benefits are only for those who are out of work. As a result, millions of people are missing out on money they're entitled to.

Benefits Check - Calculate what you're entitled to
Universal Credit - What you'll get

Always A Way Forward

One of the most helpful first steps if you feel you’re in an abusive relationship is to speak to someone outside of it.

If you can talk to someone who isn’t involved, they might be able to lend you a little perspective. This can be particularly useful if you’re not sure where you stand – sometimes, behaviour we’ve become used to can seem quite clearly unreasonable to an objective outsider.

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