This is a testimonial from one of the members of the group:
I was completely isolated, scared and lost before I saw the Grimsby telegraph post about the group.
As though I was going crazy, the first meeting I went to I was nervous.

Actually just plucking the courage up to text was a big deal for me.

I do not regret going. When I arrived, I arrived thinking I was everything my ex had made me out to be. I thought I would walk away from the group feeling just as lost. However I didn't.

Going to the Backlash Group made me feel 50 ton lighter. I feel supported and validated. Getting the validation that what happened was real, it wasn't right and it was not my fault, and I certainly was not losing my mind.

My life has changed and my outlook on what happened changed. With the support on offer I'm not in a world where I feel alone with it anymore.

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